Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pigeon Impossible

As Walter, the secret Agent sat down to eat his dounut Walter saw a bird standing on the edge on the chair the Pigeon staring at Walter so he can give him the whole dounut. After that walter broke a little piece of doughnut and chucked  it on the floor and the bird never went to the doughnut because he wanted the whole doughnut, the bird looked at him and flew up to his face and Walter pushed him and the bird went into the suitcase and the suitcase fell onto the floor and the suitcase lid was closed. Next the bird saw a button and the bird pressed the button and the box that was covering a red button popped up, and the bird pressed the red button softly. The bird saw a button that had fire written on it so the bird pushed the button and out popped a weapon and the little  bird pushed it and out came fire outside and the fire was heading to Walter and Walter ran and hide at the edge of a shop.

Finally the bird saw Walter holding up the dounut and he went towards Walter and the bird put away the weapon and opened the suitcase lid and jumped onto the edge of the suitcase and Walter chucked the
doughnut up into the air and it came down and hit the red button and a rocket appeared and was heading to Russia.
Problem:The bird wanted the whole doughnut, and the rocket was heading to Russia.
Solution: Walter blow up the rocket, and he opened the suitcase and let the dounut fall on the ground.

Your opinion of the story: I enjoyed this movie because the bird wanted the whole doughnut Illustration of a character doing something from the story:

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