Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Speaicl person

Why is a person special to me?
A special person is special to me because they love and take care of me for who I am.

Why is he special to me because he is special to me because he take care of me when I am ill and takes really good care of me. When I am sad he makes me happy and also laugh. When I if need help he would come and help me, and also she is a worker. He pushes me to do my best in everything  do, he encourages me to do right things not wrong. When I need a friend he is also by my side every step of the way.

My special person is son I will never ever forget in my whole life. My special person is My dad he is a loving and caring dad.

Element of Writing
R1 - R6
1. Ideas


2.   Structure and language

3.  Organisation

4.  Vocabulary

5.  Sentence structure

6.  Punctuation


7.   spelling

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Gospel reading.

Luke: chapter 6 Verse 27-37

If you lend money to someone you think will pay you back.

I picked this line from the Gospel because someone asked me for money and I did not give it.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Basketball writing.

"Basketball “

When the bell rang we all went to the courts and we all had to listen to the couch. The couch name is “Vinny”, right after all that listing we had to run around the courts and then stop at the yellow line.

Right after we did that we did a few warm up one of the warm ups was called the jump stop. After having warm up vinny told us to pair up and go stand behind a ball, My partner was jane. When we finished doing that we played a game called pivoting, bongo drums, fishing and dribbling  between our leg.

Later on we played a little game and the teams were boys vs girls in the teams we had to go in a pair of three. When i got to the finals the girls  won the games.

After that wonderful basketball practice I was happy and proud of what I have learnt about basketball.

The end

My Amazing holiday.

Monday 10th February 2014

In the holiday I had an Amazing, exciting, boring. and sad holiday.

The most Amazing thing that I did in the holiday was Christmas. Because we get heaps of presents, I got a MP3 player for Christmas. Also we gather together with my mums family and have family dinner.

My most exciting thing that I did in the holiday was going shopping with my mum at the warehouse to get me new sandals and a shirt and much more.

It was very boring because I had to stay at home and do chores. It was boring because I didn’t get to go anywhere, the only person who got to go everywhere was my brother.

My most sadist thing that happened in the holiday was seeing my dad struggling at the hospital. Also we had to visit him every day to check is he was okay.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Welcome Back to 2014

Welcome back to 2014...

Welcome back to 2014. I am looking forward to share my learning with everyone of you that reads my stories that i publish on my blog.