Friday, June 1, 2012

Howick Historical Village trip

My favourite thing from Howick Historical Village was when we  went to play Parlour games. I found a teacher named Mrs Dodd, she was a very kind and loving teacher but she was too kind and loving. We had to line up outside the house, the boys lined up on one side and the girls lined up on the other side. It was a bit different from how we lined up at school.

Room three went inside the house and sat down on the mat. After that Mrs Dodd said “Good morning room three” and Room three replied “Good morning Mrs Dodd.” Next Mrs Dodd said to Miss G “can we have two teams please?” and Mrs G said “Room three can get into the teams that we were in before” Mrs Dodd said “the teams that you were in can you stand up in a straight  line”. After that we got onto the first game and that first game was called ‘The string game’.

Mrs Dodd asked a person “what is your team called?” and the teams were called Dragons and Lakers. When Mrs Dodd finished asking the last person what their team was called, she explained to room three how to play the string game. Room three started the game, when we finished the Lakers won the string game. Next room three got on to the second game which was ‘Squeak, Piggy Squeak’ here is how to play it...... You have to turn around, put the pillow on the floor and sit on  it and also  you have to guess the person speaking, Lakers won the second game.

Finally room three got on to the last game and that last game was called“ passing the ball” here is how to play passing the ball.....
you always have keep the  ball on your neck and the other person standing next to you has to take the ball off the other person without using their hands.

Room three had a lot of fun playing parlour game, I liked it when we played the Squeak, Piggy Squeak game and I also liked how we played the neck to neck game too.

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