Monday, April 30, 2012

Koru Art

There are five Maori mothers and they have 10 kids and they are stuck together. The straight lines means that they are stuck together. The big koru are the maori mothers and the little koru are the kids.

Holiday Recount

On Easter Monday we went to the Pt England beach, I got dressed into my clothes while my mum changed  my sister. After that my Mum and Dad got dressed and we rushed into the car, my sister and dad were  already in the car waiting for me and my Mum. We were getting all the stuff we needed for my sister and brother. Next, all of us were in the car so my Dad started it up and drove off to the beach. When we got to the beach I had to take my sister out of her car seat while my mum got my baby brother out of his chair and put  him into his baby trolley. We walked over to the people that were sitting under the tree.

My Mum told me to play with my sister at the park, my sister was crying so I  had to carry her to my Mum, so my Mum could make her stop crying. Finally it was time to eat. I was so hungry that I ate my whole plate of food. After that me and my cousin went to the park and played with my baby sister.  We finally went home and slept until the afternoon and when we woke up my dad cooked us some food to eat because we were hungry again. We sat on our own chair and waited and waited until my dad finished his cooking.

I felt Happy, great, cool, fantastic, awesome, brilliant, amazing and also  excited It was such a lovely day at the beach.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Easter Presentation

I did this Easter presentation because I was so proud of my work and I wanted to share my learning on the Internet so everyone could see how good my skills are.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


(1)Stellaluna is a Fruit bat. She eats Mango and she also eats pollen from the flowers, Stellaluna lives in a rainforest.

(2)Stellaluna has two wings, a foot and also a knee, she has a tail and five fingers.

(3)Humans are the biggest threat to bats today. But bat's natural predators include owls, eagles, hawks, falcons, raccoons, wild cats and snakes.

(4)Stellaluna can hang upside and also she can see in the dark.

(5)They sleep all day and comes out at night, they wake up and search for their food.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Then, Now and Tomorrow at School

This term we are leaning about Then, Now and Tomorrow at school, we are researching what it will be like in the olden days and imagining what it will be in the future. Our Topic this term is Then, Now and Tomorrow at School Here is a picture of what I have been learning.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Term 1 Reflection

My favourite thing to do is read because I want to learn new words.

My behavior goal for next term is to not talk when I am doing my work because I want to finish
my work on time.

My work goal is to move forwards in my maths because I want my parents to be proud of me.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Soul Friend

Rm 3 Valenisia Soul Friend from St Pius X on Vimeo.


Oktapodi is a short movie that was filmed in Greece. Room 3 watched Oktapodi and it was a great movie with awesome graphics. 

We watched it because we are learning how to share our opinion. 

The main characters are an orange octopus called Oktapodi and a pink octopus who is his girlfriend!

There were two octopus’ and the two octopus’ colours are pink and orange. One of the octopus’ was taken and the Oktapodi saw what was happening with his girl friend. After that he saw the man that took his girl friend and looked at the sign on the truck. He imagined his girlfriend being cut up. Next he saw the man that took his girlfriend driving in his truck and he escaped and chased the man that took his girlfriend. 

Later on he climbed up on the truck to the window that was open. The man that was driving saw the Oktapodi and he started to scream. After that the man tried to push Oktapodi but he could not push him out. After that the pink octopus pulled up the handle and the truck spinned around and it stopped and the pink octopus escaped from the truck. Next the pink octopus was looking for the Oktapodi and he was running to the pink octopus. Later on the two octopus’ saw the man turning around in his truck and chased the them. The man ended up driving into the ocean.

Finally the girlfriend was safe but the Oktapodi was captured by a seagull, so the girlfriend chased after it to get Oktapodi back.

The short film movie was amazing because I liked how the girlfriend and boyfriend were captured.