Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Herald Caravan 2nd!

I learnt the seven nutrients and they are Protein, fibre, water, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamin, and last of all fats. The group I was in was the protein group
3 Thing I learnt about protein
  • Protein help repair and clean you cell in your body.
  • you can find protein in soy beans, cereal and much more
  • Protein gives you energy to run around and play.
I learnt that the big brand boys doesn't care about our health but care about the money. The next thing I learnt was that you mostly should eat veggies and fruits, the thing you should eat sometimes is meat, fish and much more. I also learnt that influences
in life by playing a game called pictory some of the influxes are time,money,past expiring, family, friends,media and last of all work.I learnt that our body need sleep, water, exercise, love, food, shelter, oxygen,  and many more.

I had fun at the life Education because I learnt a lot of our organs in our body and also what your body need.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Milk Presentation

This is a little presentation I did about milk. I like my presentation because it answer the question and also it is a simple Presentation.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Basic Facts

This is my results for Basic facts
 I did Stage six and I got 31/40 Which is not my best score, it took me 4 minutes &55 second. :(
Next time I will try and get 40/40 

I got 10/10
I got 10/10
I got 10/10
I got 1/10

Thursday, April 3, 2014

E-Asstle test

Great friends is a friend who won't give you a hard time because they will always give you space. And also who will help you when you need help. A Great friend is a friend who cares for you, a great friend is someone who won't tell you what or not to do. A Great friend is someone who will always be by your side.

A Amazing friend is someone you will put you in a good mode when you are in a bad mode. Are good friends someone who will fight with you because you did something bad to them, are good friend's someone who disrespect you because you did not play with. Will an good friend be angry with you just because you are friends with some from a another nation. An good friend is not your friend if they are pretending to be your friends. A good friend is someone who won't push anyone just to get back at them for doing that. A good friend is a friend who will treat you like there own family. A good friend is someone who treat you differently from anyone else at school. A good friends is someone who will always respect you.

A good friend will always be near and respect you no matter what happens. A good friend is someone who will never dislike you.

This is my E-Asstle term 1 about Good friends.
This my Result:

Elements of writing:
My Results

My Goals
My Goal is to Work up to R5
My Goal is work up to R4-R5
My Goal is to work R4- R5
My Goal is to work up to R4-R5
My Goal is to Work up to R5

My Goal is to Work up to R5

My Goal is to Stay where I am