Friday, September 26, 2014

Refeltion on Diorama.

Reflection on our Diorama that we did with our movie groups.



The things we did well in our group were that everyone in our group participated and also we had different jobs like some of us worked on the fence, and other worked on other different job


The things we didn’t do well is that we kept talking over each other and we weren't listening to what each other said. We fighted some of the time  but we got along., also we did produce what we were AIMING for, we were AIMING for something looking 3d on more Inputs of the dairy farmer.  Also our work wasn’t at standard like it was meant to be.

My difficulty was cutting, I am not a really great cutter.

Net time:

But besides that we done pretty well, But I think that we can work on our team work and communicating.

Church Strand The teaching Church!!!

This is a poster about our strand which is " Church Strand Teaching Church"

The Great Commission!!!

This is a poster of a advertisement that I did for our teaching church strand. I did this advertisement about the great Commission.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Speech Judging Criteria.

SPEAKER: Valenisia

TITLE:  No net-book/ ( Why net-book are negative to me)

• audience is hooked in with an interesting quotes or jokes or statistical information
I hooked the audience because I asked question and used statistical information ✱✱✻

        9  /10
Presentation and Delivery
• Facial and body gestures must enhance not distract from   the speech
• Use of eye-contact
• Relaxed stance
• Use of pause to allow the audience to assimilate the message
• Variety of pace
I used eye- contact.  ✱
But I should have use  pause to allow the audience to assimilate the message I am giving. And also relaxed stance

        10  /15,
Content of Speech
• The message of the speech is clear
• Is it relevant,, meaningful clear and concise? 6
• Ideas are well elaborated and supported.
  • Use of specific vocabulary
  • Clear sequence and flow
My information about netbook was related to my topic.
Next time I elaborate my speech, use specific vocabulary, and also use a clear sequence. ✱✱

          10 /20
Argument is summed up
Has an overall impact Audience Reaction
For my conclusion I summed up.
But next time I should have and overall impact audience reaction.

            4 / 5


Friday, September 12, 2014

Expressive writing: fathers day

Well actually father was really a good fathers day for me because My father wasn't there but I know that he was beside me and looking down at us. But I was sure that he was celebrating fathers day in heaven with God, but I think he just wanted one more fathers day with his family. Father’s day was quite a little emotional for me and my family. It was quite an good father day because we celebrated it with our community and we had  a feed and cake with ice-cream. The youth had to serve the fathers, mother and also the kids, so we did not have to get up and go get food. Well the big kids had to, so we just helped ourselves to the food and the desert. Delicious cake, the ice- cream was really melting in my mouth. It wasn't what i expected fathers day to be, but I just wish to have one more father day with my lovely father

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cross Country.

This is a video of me talking about our cross country Day

Saint Pius X Feast Day

This is a video of me talking about the picture I have chosen. This is the Saint Pius X Feast Day.