Friday, October 31, 2014

Home Is Special!!!

 Opening Statement
           Why my home is Special. First of all homes are  important to us because we grow a lot of special memories from the past that we can keep. Some of my special moments are how people gather around as one big happy family or how we celebrate something special for someone special which can be a bridge to your future. But one thing  I won’t forget is that homes are like a sunshine moment.

Firstly: Sometimes in homes you can live with maximum amount of people such as brothers, sisters, mum, dad, uncle and much much more. It is a place that shelters you and keeps you warm on a dreadful day, Also homes are important to people because they were born there.

Homes can be just at one place, but it can also be anywhere in the world such as: Australia, South Africa, Colombia and any other countries in the world. But if we didn’t have a home we will be sleeping on hard ground in the dark or underneath shop shelter or even get wet when it rains . You will feel cold in the wet rain. But if you have an apartment that will count as a special home to you to.

Home is a place that you treat as your own property, with respect and care. My heart will be your shelter and arms will be your home. It can also be a place gathering place. You can gather as a family for a family reunion, birthday or just have a family meeting.  

Not only homes can be special but it can be your environment. But there is nothing like staying at a home that make you comfortable every single day, as long  as you live at the same house. A home is where you can start one big happy family. The home you live in can be a treasure chest of memories.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

math equation on show me!!!

This is a video to show my understanding of how to solve a subtraction problem and also explain my thinking.