Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Orienteering Week 1

On a hot sunny day, Mrs Tui walked into Room 3 with a man named Mr McGivern. Mr McGivern said “Hello room 3” and then he introduced himself to the class. Next Mr McGivern showed us how to follow a map.

First of all, my friend Monique and I got a piece of paper that had a number on it. We had to put it somewhere around the class so people could guess where it was and write the letter on the paper down. Mrs Irene gave each of the students a paper that had numbers on it and we had to go off and find the number and match it to the alphabet.

When everyone went off we all found a lot in one go, that was so cool. After we had finished we all tried to figure out the word, everyone thought it was orienteering but guess what it was “Have a nice day” backwards.

After we had finished figuring out the word we went outside in our maths groups Pentagons, Circles, Squares and triangles. When we arrived to the field we had to do an activity which was to go around finding clues and we only had to go in one direction, no short cutting, only one way.

Room 3 enjoyed playing Orienteering with Mr McGivern and Miss Ieren, It was an awesome lesson. I am looking forward for doing orienteering every Wednesday.

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