Friday, September 26, 2014

Refeltion on Diorama.

Reflection on our Diorama that we did with our movie groups.



The things we did well in our group were that everyone in our group participated and also we had different jobs like some of us worked on the fence, and other worked on other different job


The things we didn’t do well is that we kept talking over each other and we weren't listening to what each other said. We fighted some of the time  but we got along., also we did produce what we were AIMING for, we were AIMING for something looking 3d on more Inputs of the dairy farmer.  Also our work wasn’t at standard like it was meant to be.

My difficulty was cutting, I am not a really great cutter.

Net time:

But besides that we done pretty well, But I think that we can work on our team work and communicating.

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Valensai said...

I have explain what we have done well as working in a group
I did not proof read my writing before posting my work
Next time:
Next time I could try explain my writing like a Year 7

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