Friday, September 12, 2014

Expressive writing: fathers day

Well actually father was really a good fathers day for me because My father wasn't there but I know that he was beside me and looking down at us. But I was sure that he was celebrating fathers day in heaven with God, but I think he just wanted one more fathers day with his family. Father’s day was quite a little emotional for me and my family. It was quite an good father day because we celebrated it with our community and we had  a feed and cake with ice-cream. The youth had to serve the fathers, mother and also the kids, so we did not have to get up and go get food. Well the big kids had to, so we just helped ourselves to the food and the desert. Delicious cake, the ice- cream was really melting in my mouth. It wasn't what i expected fathers day to be, but I just wish to have one more father day with my lovely father

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