Friday, August 29, 2014

Expressive Writing.

This morning when I woke up I looked outside and the sun has not awaken from it sleep. I got out of bed, it was chilly so I tried and not go back into bed because I will fall asleep again. So I walked into the bathroom and I felt like it was frosty, I tried to be tough and not go back into bed. I turned on the tap and the tap felt icy, I put my hand in the running was and straight away my hands felt frozen. Right after I washed my face I went into the room and got my uniform and Ironed it I put of my uniform and it felt like I was at a tropical Island. Later on I got organized for school. As soon as I walked outside when my aunt came it felt like it was snowing.

These are the three indicator:
used specif vocabulary. GO TIT
I have used punctuation and capital letter constantly. underlined
And also It makes Sense.


Valensai said...

This is my best writing because I have used a lot of Specif words and I have used punctuation and capital letter constantly. And it also make sense.

szaskia said...

You need more Detail, But well done Valensia you have done a great job

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