Friday, August 22, 2014

Expressive Writing:-)

On Monday was such a tiring day because my Family and I went to show our support to the family who lost there mother. 

Well actually they were there ever since the morning I am sure they were starving. I was really shy to get off of the car because I was wearing my school uniform but I got off any ways. I walked out of the tent and I saw the Glendowie Community standing outside and giving cakes to people to hold so we can go and give it to the people who were standing at the back doing the food. It was so awkward because I didn't know any one there expect my cousin dad brother and sisters. But my cousin knew everyone there because she was related to them and I wasn't, so I stayed next to my grandma and waited until they started the prayer. Right After the prayer they gave out food, then they came and thanked us showing our support for there LOST


Valensai said...
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Valensai said...

This is one of my best writing because I used the indicators that was given to us.which is use capital letters and punctuation consistently, Make my writing make sense, and also use specif vocabulary.

Next time I can use more specific vocablary

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