Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tangis holiday

Today I am going to tell you about Tangi’s holiday. Tangi went to his aunt's for his cousin’s 30th birthday, his highlight was eating cake because it was yum and also delicious. The next day he went to his aunt's house for her 70th birthday. He went to help his cousin at work because he was bored. On Saturday he went to the morning market and the night market, it was one of his favorite thing in the holiday.Tangis last highlight was about his sisters helping  him with his chores because he only had to do one thing while his sisters did everything else.

Tangi’’s only lowlights was staying home for the first week because his mum and dad had to go to work and he stayed with his aunty and did nothing.

Dream holiday-
Tangi’s dream holiday is to go to Australia and visit Salome and buy stuff that costs a lot of money in Australia. Buy a Ipad and a Ipod so he can play games and listen to music. Also he will go to Tonga and  buy clothes and shoes for his family. I am sure that he will have a lovely time If that dream came true.

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