Thursday, July 11, 2013

My term refection.

In trem 2, my highlight was swimming because I was surprised the the water was warm. My other highlight is egg thinking because on the final egg thinking challenge my groups egg protection helped ours not to crack. My last highlight of term was learning times table and also my divided bys.

For this whole term nothing was boring except for singing practice because we had to sit for hours and hours listening to teacher growling and kids talking.

For next  term I am looking forward to playing badminton because I love to play sports. Also I am really looking forward to doing more work, Last thing is learning about Asia because I have no idea what kind of food they eat.

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Rachel said...

Hi Valenisia that was great. I liked how you were talking about what are you going to do on Term 3. Keep that up Valenisia. :-)

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