Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Catholic school day

On a bright Tuesday St Joseph school from Orakei came to celebrate Catholic school day with us. When St Joseph school from Orakei arrived to celebrate Catholic School day at St Pius X Catholic School I was delighted because I wanted to meet a new friend.

We had a Catholic Schools Day mass and there were 370 students. We had a lovely mass with St Joseph. I met a new friend and her name was Ponia but I called her “ Nia”for short.

I took her and showed her around the school, when we bumped into Lose she took her away from me. Lose had to go netball training and I said” When you go netball training I am going to play with her” and she replied back “ Yes.”  

Nia was a Tongan just like me and she was ten years old, I was one year older than her. My new friend and I went and walked around the field and I asked Nia if their school  had a big field at their school and she replied back “ Yes but it is a small field.”

After the St Pius and St Joseph students had playtime we had a concert in the hall. Room 7 sang I'm Yours by Jason Mraz and the St Joseph students performed Count On Me by Bruno Mars. Right after the concert we had to say goodbye to our new friends. Catholic School Day was an awesome day because we got to meet new friends and spend time with them. I hope I can see my new friend again.

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