Friday, May 31, 2013

Nickon From Mai FM vist

On Wednesday we were lucky to have a visit from Nickon from Mai FM. He came to tell us about what it is like to work at the radio station.

We had lots of fun because we got to talk on his phone which is connected to Mai F.M.  He took negative stories and changed into positive stories . He travels a lot and he travels to Christchurch every Tuesday for The Erin Simsimpon show. Nickson got to drive 50 Cent around once and stopped at the Warehouse  because that is 50 Cent’s favorite store. Nickson used to work at the radio station where his job was just to pick songs and play Xbox 360.

Now he works for Mai F.M and his crew does the morning session. When famous people come into the studio they have to put their hand on the bible to tell the truth. Nickson said working at the radio station isn’t hard.  His friend Nate always gets them into trouble.

Nickson  never wants to be mean to other people or else they won’t call back. His boss Toast has dreadlocks  and wears sandals in the cold. Nickson just got married last month . People who want to record themselves on Mai F.M  can go on their website.
There are only 37 radio stations in Auckland. Nickson said you want to find something you really like then you’ll be good at it and work hard.

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