Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mother's day

My mum is tall and has short black hair. She works hard for her family members. She is a helpful person and she protects me. She shares with me every little thing she has. She was born in Auckland and she has never been to Tonga to visit her husbands family. The only people that have visited his family are my brother and I with my grandma

My mum like to watch netball and rugby, she also likes to eat Mcdonalds and KFC. She does not like my brother to watch WWE because he fights nearly every day with his outside friends. She dislikes my brother and I watching movies or doing stuff we are not supposed to do. She also likes to travel to places she has never been before like Australia. She likes to speak in Tongan and she likes to read books to me in her free time.

She supports me at everything I do, she has guided me all the way and I have respect for what she has done for me. Whenever I feel sad she comes and cheers me up just like what my friends will do if they were there. She will tuck me into my bed so I can be warm in the night because in the morning I am sometimes freezing to death!

I love my mum because she has guided me in my
whole entire life, she has never left me alone and when she is gone she is never gone because she is in my heart. Every time when my dad is sick she has to look after her whole family like my little and older brother and my sister and I.                  

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