Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What is blogging?

1) How many blogs are there in the world? In the world there is 500,000 blog in the world. ✔

2) What is a blog? A blog is that you can give your opinion about what they have done, or it is like a personal diary.✔

3) What does Collaboration mean? Collaboration mean the act of working with another or others on a joint project.✔
4) What does link mean? A connection between things or people.✔

5) Name 4 blogging platforms. The 4 platforms Blogger, myspace, Tumblr, and also livejournal✔

6) What are the 3 blog categories and what do they do? Photo Blog - is a picture blog with all sort of pictures, Vlog is a video blog with lots of videos on it, and the last one is a mp3blog which has loads a songs on the blog.✔

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