Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lego Retell.

This is a story about Lego and it is set in the old days, because the way the cars and the old house and wires looked. It happened in Switzerland and the characters were Oli, the father and the son Godfrey. It all began in 1932 and the company still exists today.

Oil lost his wife and so started to make toys with wood that he saved. He had four boys and they helped him, but the little one helped him a lot more than the others. The name Lego came from a truck, but he don’t know that lego actually means play well.

Oli worked in the workshop with his son Godfrey and sold toys. He was making toys until he gave them to the shops for some food and the children were happy with Oli. Oli passed away and his son looked after the workshop. His Lego was sold in the shops and it is very fun to play with.

My favorite part was when Oil said “only if there would be some kind of sign” and a truck drove past and stopped by the window and it said “LEGO”.

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