Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jonny Wartman visit.

On an awesome afternoon a visitor came to talk to us about some of his successes and also about his job. His name is Jonny Wartman he was a graffiti artist. He came in with painting clothes I knew why he came in with his painting clothes because he was going to take us outside and show a  picture that he was going to spray paint.

Before we went outside so Jonny Wartman  can show us a picture that he was going to draw for us he told us about himself. He was  originally from Christchurch, raised a baby girl that was three and a half and also became a graffiti artist by watching cartoons also drawing them into a book. Right after he told us about himself we asked him some question and my friend Hola asked him a question and her question was ‘’Did he want to become a graffiti artist before he was a teenager.”

I was excited when Johnny Wartman told us that he was going to spray paint a picture for us. When we went outside he took a bag of spray paint and also a canvas to paint the picture. We went under the shelter and sat down, once we sat down he got out tape and also spray cans. Jonny Wartman asked us what do we want him a spray paint, so we told him to spray paint a beach. So he got out the spray cans and started to paint the picture. When he finished spray painting it look like a real beach. My favorite part about his visit is that he spray painted a picture for our classroom.

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