Saturday, October 20, 2012

My wired Neighbours.

In the middle of the night I was peeking outside of my window and I saw my neighbors light’s on and I said to myself “ What is going on in that neighbourhood?”

That I do not know what is going on in that neighbourhood.

Last night my weird neighbours always had their light on every single night. So I woke up every single night peeking out my window just to see what is going on in that neighbourhood. After that I opened my window and i shouted out “ can you please turn down that loud music.” Next I went outside and went and knocked on their door and they opened the door and they said “ what” and i said “ can you go and turn off your music and go to sleep” and they respond back “ no we want to wake up.” later on I walked back and went to my bedroom and peeked out my window and I said to myself “ I am sure that their is a party or a disco going on in that neighbourhood. Later on in the night I went outside and peeked over their window and I saw a huge grey ball and I nearly got caught because someone came to the window to look outside their window and open the window so they can get fresh air because they were hot. In that meanwhile I sat outside on my neighbour’s steps and waited until they finished their disco or party, but I heard footsteps coming towards the door she was coming to open the door to come and go home and sleep because she was so tired. Later I went back home and went and sat on my bed and looked out my window just to see if they have turned off their lights because i couldn’t  sleep because they did not turn down their music down when I asked them to. Next I tried to sleep but couldn’t because their light was still on and their music was loud and couldn’t even sleep. It was nearly morning and I said to myself “ I wish I could get some sleep.” It was five o’clock and I covered my ears so I can get one hour sleep and I got one hour sleep and my mum came to wake me up and I woke up and I looked out of my window and their lights were still on and it was morning.

In the meanwhile I said “ there is a disco over in the neighbourhood “and I wish I was there.”

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