Friday, September 21, 2012

Kids for Kids Concert

On Monday 17th September Miss G and a student teacher named Miss Mcloughlin came along with Room three to the rehearsal at Telstraclear centre which was in Manukau. We went on a bus to Manukau. When we got to Telstraclear centre we got off the bus and stood in a straight line and waited for Miss G and Miss Mcloughlin so we could walk into the Telstraclear centre.

When we got in a man came a showed us where to go, so we followed him and he showed us to the stadium that we were going to perform at. After that we sat down and waited for the rehearsal to start, when we looked up at the stage there was a boy and a girl standing on the stage. When I saw the girl I remembered that she was from a T.V show that was called ‘What Now’. The boy and the girls announced their name, but I forgot their names. After that they said “If we can get all schools to come up, from smallest to biggest”. Next all of the schools were sitting in their orders and Suzanne Prentice said a few words. After she said what she needed to say we started off with the first song which was called ‘The Muppet Show Theme’. Miss G an Miss Mcloughlin watched us perform, that was a cool song.

When we are up to the song that was called ‘Somewhere out there’, that song was a beautiful and wonderful to sing. The song nearly brought me to tears, because all the schools sang it beautifully.

The rehearsal was quite a day for room three and Miss G and Miss Miss Mcloughlin. When we got on the bus I was sleeping because I was so tired from singing.

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