Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cross country.

St Pius X Catholic School had Cross Country on Friday 24th August. St Pius students, teachers and parents watched the students run. It was an exciting day.
When we got to the court we had to sit in our ages and watch the juniors run around the whole school and around the church. After that the Senior student’s had to run up Melling street.

When it was the 9 year olds turn I was shaking because I was nervous. When my cousin ran I was cheering for her and I said “Run as fast as you can, you can do it”. Just when she was finished  I said “Great job you are faster than you ran before”. My cousin Henrietta came second in the 8 year old race.

When Miss G blew the whistle the girls ran down the hill. When I got down the hill I was jogging so I didn’t get tired. After that I saw Mrs Mat. When I saw her she said “Run up the hill and turn right when you see the first turn”. I was very tired so I started to power walk so I could catch up to the other students that were way ahead of me. I caught up to them and I started to jog to get past them. When I was jogging up the hill I heard my cousin saying “run, run as fast as you can”. Suddenly Miss G said to run around the courts.

When I got back from the long distance race I was so tired.I had a very sore leg from running the long distance race. Friday was a great and tiring day, but I had a lot of fun from running.

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