Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Oktapodi is a short movie that was filmed in Greece. Room 3 watched Oktapodi and it was a great movie with awesome graphics. 

We watched it because we are learning how to share our opinion. 

The main characters are an orange octopus called Oktapodi and a pink octopus who is his girlfriend!

There were two octopus’ and the two octopus’ colours are pink and orange. One of the octopus’ was taken and the Oktapodi saw what was happening with his girl friend. After that he saw the man that took his girl friend and looked at the sign on the truck. He imagined his girlfriend being cut up. Next he saw the man that took his girlfriend driving in his truck and he escaped and chased the man that took his girlfriend. 

Later on he climbed up on the truck to the window that was open. The man that was driving saw the Oktapodi and he started to scream. After that the man tried to push Oktapodi but he could not push him out. After that the pink octopus pulled up the handle and the truck spinned around and it stopped and the pink octopus escaped from the truck. Next the pink octopus was looking for the Oktapodi and he was running to the pink octopus. Later on the two octopus’ saw the man turning around in his truck and chased the them. The man ended up driving into the ocean.

Finally the girlfriend was safe but the Oktapodi was captured by a seagull, so the girlfriend chased after it to get Oktapodi back.

The short film movie was amazing because I liked how the girlfriend and boyfriend were captured.

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