Saturday, August 8, 2015

First Hockey Lesson

WOW. Mixed emotions started to hit me just like that, just because I heard the words “ okay head to the hall, it is time for hockey.” Once room 7 made their entrance into the hall the first thing we saw was the  hockey sticks, cones and twos goal on each side of the hall.  Once we settle down, the first thing we did was warm up with a relay.  It was very hard doing a bear crawl  because the floor was slippery.

Next we practised doing hockey drills, it was very hard because I have never played hockey  but I tried my best. We also played a game of hockey, it was very hard because the floor was slippery but I managed not to fall. It was my turn I versed 2 boys they were very rough, I got hit with a hockey stick on my hand that was so hurtful that I got a bruised hand. I am sure every body had a
great time learning new hockey drills and how to play original hockey.

Our  first hockey session was a  great first lesson. I learnt a lot of new rules, drill during that session.

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