Friday, July 24, 2015

Holiday Recount.

During my holidays there were a lot of mixed emotions. For me the holidays was about spending more time with my little siblings.  Everywhere I go they follow me, I felt like a mother duck with her little siblings.  From time to time they would be watching a lot of television, They were very eager to be outside.

So we raced outside, to get stuck into a game. After playing, I started to get dehydrated so I needed water . Later that  day I  became extremely  tired so I decided to have a rest. While everyone was resting, I snuck out and went to the shops and brought  me something.

While I was walking to the shop I felt scared & nervous, because I've never walk to the shops alone. I thought someone was stalking me because I saw shadows, but when I look back I saw nothing. Once I got to the shops I felt relieved.

I loved spending time with my family, and friends. To wrap everything up I had an amazing holiday spent with my siblings.

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