Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Description of the Olympic flame.

The Olympics flame is only lit at every opening ceremony, and when it is lit it means that the Olympics has started.

The Olympic flame looks like a flower when the petals are grouped. It is shiny, bright and long.

The Olympic torch is seen in the Olympics Stadium in London, and also it is seen around the world.

The hot Olympic flame tells us when the Olympics has started, and when it is put out the Olympics is over.

The shiny Olympic flame is taken around the world to symbolise the Olympics and bring all countries together.

The Torch is special because it is a symbol of the Olympics. All countries have a petals at the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony when they walked into the Olympic stadium.

We know Olympics are on when the torch is lit, and also we know when the Olympics are over when the flame is put out.

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