Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Netbook Description

My netbook helps me with my homework and helps me learn more.

My netbook is black with a shiny outside and white coloured letters on the keyboard. My Eee pc only does sounds when I turn my sound on, but when the sound is off it doesn't make a single sound. It feels hard on the bottom and smooth on the top.

My little black laptop is found in a C.O.W (Computers on wheels) at night to fill up the battery, and during the day my learning tool is fully charged and ready to be used. I only take my netbook home once a week.

My laptop helps me with my learning, and also it helps me finish my work or my homework.

My little laptop is used carefully and also respectfully. My mini netbook is a learning tool.

We are the first people in New Zealand to use netbooks for our learning. My shiny little netbook is special to me because I am lucky to have a netbook, when people at other schools don’t have netbook’s.

My netbook is a learning tool because it helps me do my work at school and my homework. I have to always remember to take care of my netbook.

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Miss G said...

What a great description Valensia, you followed the structure of this genre well. Keep up the good writing.

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