Monday, May 7, 2012


The sun was shining and it was a very hot day on Tuesday. After lunch time when the bell rang we lined up outside our classroom and waited for Miss G. While we were waiting we all sat quietly. When we saw Miss G standing on the stairs waiting for everybody to be quiet down she said to stand up quietly and we went go to the courts.

Soon we started a game and that game was ‘Dribbling relay’ just so we can get ourselves warmed up for our basketball. After that we had to stop the game and listen to coach Bruce so we could get the information so we could know what to do when we played. Next we had to start a new game called ‘Dribbling the ball’ we had to turn the cones over. Coach Bruce said to all of us to stop what we were doing and look  at him for instructions. Finally we were up to the last game and that game was ‘running and shooting’ then when we were in the place and not chatting to our friends we  listened to the coach.

When we finished I  had to go to class. I was proud because next week we are going to have basketball again. I said to myself thank you coach Bruce.

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